Why Book Candy Trailers And Video Ads Are Unbeatable for Driving Book Sales:

A Personal Account from Jillian Dodd, USA Today Bestselling Author

I released a YA spy romance (the first in a planned 7 book series) in April of 2016. I hired a PR company (spent over $10K) to promote the book and had a horrible experience. The first book was a complete bomb. We reworked the cover and released book 2 in early October with similar results. The sales were just not there. 

Then, I hired Book Candy Studios to create a trailer for 

the series. By mid-October my Book Candy trailer was complete, and I started doing ads to build video views, mostly on Instagram with a really wide target audience 

(1-2M). The idea was to use the video views as a warm market and then re-target that audience with a static ad. But I never did a static ad because the video alone was selling books. I just kept increasing the budget on the 

video ad campaign.

Total spend on ads was $9K during this time. Both books were at regular price at $6.99. I normally sell more in YA on iBooks, so the fact that these books did this well on Amazon was great. You can see what the two books earned and what they were selling before I started using video ads in the graph below.

"Many authors don’t realize trailers are not just a fun thing to have but an essential sales tool when combined with the power of video ads."

Jillian Dodd | USA Today Bestselling Author

It's a fact: video ads outperform all other forms of book promotion.

I know that people will say, well that was 2016, so I've included data from my current iBooks campaign below. My goal was to get the series selling on iBooks. It hadn’t really done as well there as my other series have.

Thus far, I have only done FB ads for this campaign, directed to iBooks. Ad budget has varied from $50 a day to $300 a day, depending on my rankings. I wanted to keep books 3 and 4 in the top 20 on the iBooks YA charts, as well as drive pre-orders for my October release.

For this campaign I’m doing a combination of static and video ads. For the static ads, I’ve been using the Lookalike audience from the video ads and updating them every so often as I get new views. The Spy Girl video has had 1.7 million views and almost 5 million impressions. I can slice and dice that lookalike to lots of different sizes. Considering most of those video views are costing me between .01 and .04 cents, it’s a very economical way to find a warm audience to re-target and create lookalikes from.

The chart above is for the Spy Girl series only on iBooks. I am advertising Books 1 & 2 in a boxed set for free. I started the ad campaign in March (which was also the release of book 4) and built from there. Usually, I see a big sales pop during a release month, then it dies back down, as you can see the trend in February above, so continuing to sell as much or more as a release month with no release is really amazing.

I couldn't have increased my book sales without a professionally designed trailer. You get what you pay for, and Book Candy Trailers are worth every dollar. 

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